GOM OS and AB pay

What is average pay for an OS or AB on a crewboat or OSV in the GOM. What about on a tug? Do most pay a daily rate? Do any pay you on a travel day home or to work? Do any pay travel expenses? Thanks guys.

OS on OSV supply boats 120-180. AB on OSV supply vessels would be 250-320 depending on where, if you are rigging… and you will have to have RFPNW and lifeboatman on your rating. The companies that I am familiar with will pay some sort of travel, 1/2 day or day of wage added onto your last check after you go home… you have to get there on your own. No travel expenses outside of your travel pay. Crew boat captains are in the low 300’s/day so do the math and you will figure close to what a deckhand on a crew boat gets…(hint: it ain’t much) better to spend a week in class and run as captain. Don’t know about tugs. Things a picking up so now is the time to jump if you are needing to go to work.