Passport Requirements

Mr Cavo

A friend of mine who works in the industry suggested I contact you with my problem.

I applied on the 4th April for my MMC, and submitted all the documents that were required on the application, and the relevant checklist, and have even taken my stcw before applying. My status remained as awaiting SEC for a while and when I called NMC they stated that it was just awaiting twic approval. Well eventually my twic came through and I received a phone call from the NMC yesterday stating that as a foreign national, I needed to send a copy of my unexpired passport to prove my country of citizenship. I spoke to the supervisor, as there was no mention of a passport being needed on the application or the checklists, and I had actually called the NMC several times asking If I needed anything else as I was a British Citizen and every time all I was told was that my Permanent resident card was all that was needed, even twic only needed that. The situation that I am now faced with is that I have to apply to the UK for a new passport which is going to take approx 4-5 weeks to get back, and this is something I would have taken care of at the start of this process, if I had known. Is there any form of recourse, or a way to circum navigate this process as I would not be approved for a twic card or a Perm resident card if they could not identify my citizenship. This delay and lack of communication from the NMC is causing me a delay to working and providing for my family.

Thank you in advance for your advice

Andrew Shawcross

I can’t help with the twic issue as I can’t remember what I sent in (UK citizen on a greencard too), but I spoke to them on the phone helpline at one point whilst trying to make the appointment and whilst having trouble with the website and they were very helpful.

Out if interest what MMC are you applying for?


I thought I had replied but can’t see it…

I’m a UK citizen with. Green Card too. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t need my passport fir the TWIC issue. Did you call their helpline? I was struggling with getting an appointment and a count issues online and they were very efficient at sorting things out.

Out of interest which MMC are you applying for?


As a permanent resident alien, you need to have an unexpired home country in your possession anyway. You shouldn’t have let your passport lapse in the first place. Sorry, but a 4-5 week delay WRT MMC processing is small potatoes in the NMC world.

Just deal with it.

Sometimes despite the seeming injustice of it all, you got to go with the flow as it probably will be faster and more likely to succeed …