Paid Travel

Anyone know what East coast tug companies pay travel?


Yes Crowley pays for travel. Also something to note Crowley has different departments controlling their different tug divisions. So if you are trying to get with identify what tugs you are considering then then contact that specific crewing coordinator or Union.
Here are some of Crowley’s tugboats and corresponding unions. The (*) indicates fleets with tugs operating on the East Coast.

*Invader class - SIU
*Ocean Class - (? not sure maybe SIU)
Western Alaska Shallow Draft Tugs - USW
Western Alaska (Sea Prince) - MMP Inland
*550 Class ATBs - MMP Inland
*650 Class ATBs- SIU
*750 Class ATBs - AMO
Alaska Class ATB- ( ? not sure what union)


Others include

  • Kirby (from your closest “hub city”)
  • Dann Marine Towing (But you have to work uneven time or they only pay partial)

They top to bottom MMP?

Vane does, if crew change is outside of your ‘home port.’

The deck officers are MMP Inland. The unlicensed are IBU. Not sure which union the engineers are in.

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750s are SIU top to bottom as well.


Yes, I think there is a pass through with AMO and they were finding unlimited licenses to fill some positions