P&I annual renewal date

Yesterday 20. Febr. was the day all P&I insurance policies were either renewed, expired or moved between Clubs.

Here is an article in today’s Fairplay about this non-event:

On board most ships this is a non-event, as it is something that is handled by the Owner/Ship Manager without any direct involvement by the ship’s Master, Officers or Crew members.
No adit involved on or just before this important date, so no drama.

If, however, premium is not paid on time, or the Club refuse renewal due to previous events, or findings during P&I Survey carried out on their behalf by 3rd Party Surveyors, the crew may find themselves without coverage for injuries etc.

If the company “forget” to send ship’s copy of the P&I Certificate, problems with PSC, Port Authorities for inward clearance etc.

Here is Skuld’s Survey procedure:

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Hey - Is there an easier way to find out a vessel’s Club then searching each P&I website? THX for any input,

I have not tested, but this link may be what you are looking for: