Overboard containers list, was thinking might get some good info here but so far just getting negative response

Gathering info on containers that went overboard, when where how many, what is in them , reported not reported, trying to build a nonprofit organization to find and retrieve especially the ones with hazardous chemicals

Hard to retrieve them from the bottom of the ocean.

True but not impossible

Please no no no.

A “nonprofit” funded by government grants and subsidized by tax deductible private donations?

A “nonprofit” that will take the limited pool charitable giving and grants away from worthy causes?

You are out of your mind. If you want to jerk off while dreaming about hair-brained “nonprofit” schemes, please do so with your own after tax money.


I have done some research on grants and I’m thinking getting 50000lbs of plastic pellets in one container or container full of drums of arsenic out of the ocean would be just as worthy as sending books to a poor country, you can’t eat books but you can eat fish

it’ll probably cost more trying to get something off the bottom 3 or 4 miles down.
You should try it !

This will generate nothing but do nothing jobs at the nonprofit and fat fees for the army of second string consultants.

Not one container will be recovered.

The ocean is a very vast, and often unforgiving place. Containers are very small items. Typically lost in heavy weather during ocean crossings in water two to three miles deep. The great majority of the contents are harmless. Most Hazardous Materials are only hazardous in certain concentrations, under certain conditions, and in close proximity. Many hazardous materials, like arsenic, oil, and uranium are naturally occurring. Two to three miles deep under pressure at 4000 to 6000 psi just about everything is going to be crushed and leaking. The safest place for it, is right where it is.

The cost of recovery and disposal per container would be many millions of dollars and create more risk and problems than it could ever hope to solve.


Be careful, do lots of research, there will be considerable risk disturbing some of these time bombs.

The “Donald Duck-method”:


Brilliant. I say go for it. Just the thing to capture GenZ’s fickle imagination. Start a go-fund-me page, organize protests and block traffic. Hollywood celebrities will soon catch on and demand action to demonstrate how virtuous they are. Money will pour in. As with BLM, their outrage will soon focus on some other cause and you’ll be left with a mansion and a couple of exotic cars in the garage.

“Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” (Eric Hoffer)


I do have ideas of jobs but they would be in a different location, where I live the cities have feel good programs where you can drop off your trash for free if it is separated for recycling, cardboard bin glass bin plastic bin then the front loader trash truck comes in and dumps all the bins into one truck and all goes to the landfill, if I can come up with products to make , like would it be possible to turn cardboard into commercial poultry chick feeder pans that would be biodegradable into the floor shavings , it’s true lots of things will be difficult but I’m not going to start with the deepest or the hardest , one ship lost 74 containers 17miles off the coast of North Carolina 1 washed up on shore , so depending on what is inside would depend on how fast it sinks some will not sink at all so some may be in more shallow water, one full of yeti coolers just floated around until it crashed a beach I do hope boats on autopilot have it in container crash avoidance mode

Nothing makes me more mad then seeing stupid stuff like blocking traffic, 10 cars back is probably someone trying to get to the hospital, they are some celebrities that could be useful, not getting into protesting , I do know where some exotic car are at on the bottom of the ocean probably be the closest I’ll ever come to having one I think a truck would be more useful

Your naïveté is showing

Very true , it’s the ones that that are loaded with hazardous chemicals and have no placard or wrong placard , I once went to pick up one from a company I dealt with they pulled it out of the port had it setting on their drop yard with shipping paperwork the only problem was it was in a different language similar to Chinese so no one knew what it said , I refused to touch it until I had proper paperwork it had placards so I knew what it was but the other stuff dot request would of been a nightmare if stopped in route

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Was a joke

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Re: just getting negative response:

No one’s questioning the nobility of your proposal. If you want to be taken seriously, instead of getting offended, how about sharing the knowledge or education you possess in the field of ocean salvage that make your proposition feasible.

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How about learning from previous attempt (both successful and failed) at savaging things from great depths? There are a lot available for those who take the effort to do the research.

The “Donald Duck method” mention above; i.e using expandable foam is feasible, provided there are room enough in the container for the volume needed to obtain lift.
Here is a scholarly article about it: PLASTIC FOAMS FOR MARINE SALVAGE

To do so in great depths requires a lot of knowledge, but knowledge can be obtained from studying previous operations. Experience can only be had by doing and failing, or succeeding.

Here is someone who MAY have some knowledge to shear:

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@Lew has a point in that containers containing toxic materials at great depths may be better off left where they are.


Thank you, been gathering data , researching and going over designs but any information is greatly appreciated I know every missing container is not reported and I know the more eyes looking for floating containers the better as they will be the easiest to remove

Maybe the Jones Act Enforcer can help.