Over 3000gt Watchstanding requirements

I have a 1600/3000 gt oceans. On an OSV of over 3000gt, which has its COI covered by other appropriately licensed personnel, can I stand a watch alone? Or does one of the other individuals need to be with me at all times? I am working on the 6000gt OSV endorsement, but just don’t have the days yet. Sort of a dumb question, but I never really gave it any thought before being assigned to a large OSV. Thanks in advance for any input.

My first thoughts is no. Since the vessel is OVER 3000 ITC then you should have a licensed 6000 ITC OICNW with you. I may be wrong though. Hopefully not!

What is your assignment on that vessel? AB? UI Mate? I say No, you aren’t eligible to stand an OICNW alone on that vessel until you get your tonnage endorsement upped.

The answer is no. Holding your own watch and being legally documented to hold the watch are two separate issues. In order to legally hold your own watch you need to complete the supervised Large OSV training and turn it in with the appropriate signatures and sea time to the Coast Guard to get the Large OSV endorsement on your license. If it were legal for you to hold your own watch even with other Mariners onboard satisfying the COI there would be no need for the Large OSV program. The only watch you can legally hold on there is for sea time is Capt/Mate in training, AB, OS, Wiper and actually have duties on the station bill. To put it in perspective if a 200 ton Master was onboard pulling his own watch even though there were Large OSV Masters onboard to satisfy the COI would it be legal? It is the same thing. The 200 ton license does not cover. The 1600/3000 Ton license does not cover it.

Thanks guys, that’s what I thought. I should always go with my first instinct! You know how it is, people start talking- guessing really, then you start to second guess yourself. Seeing your answers in print makes it pretty obvious it was indeed a dumb question! Oh well, I guess everybody is entitled to a brain fart now and again. I am indeed working on the 6000t endorsement as an extra man on the boat. I find the info posted on this website invaluable, and thanks again!

It wasn’t a dumb question and it you are not the first one to ask it. When they write your sea time at the office make sure it says Training Capt for the days on vessels over 3000 tons. That will satisfy the CG when you turn your Large OSV booklet in for the endorsement. Also all the dates in the training book must be signed after 56 days. Total days required are 84 days. The book is supposed to be filled out on the 3rd 28 day hitch. If you work for Chouest the training center will help you.