Large OSV tonnage limitation?

I recently upgraded to 2M and already had a Master 1600/3000 Oceans and Master OSV (post 6000). My Original endorsement just said “Master OSV”, no tonnage limitation.

When I get my MMC my evaluator said the Large OSV endorsement will state “Master OSV 500GT/6000ITC”. When I asked my evaluator about it he said that he looked into it and the Large OSV endorsements that were previously issued without a tonnage limitation were issued erroneously.

Anybody heard a similar story/explanation?

It does not matter really. I had a similar situation. Mine does not have a limitation on it. At one time it did have the 6000 tons ITC on it, but really by definition an OSV can not be larger than 6000 tons. With that said it won’t matter unless they raise the limitation of OSV’s to exceed 6000 tons. I would want it to just state Master OSV, also. I had a time just getting them to add the Oceans onto the OSV license. Finally after a few years of trying I got it on there. The first time I applied for my Oceans endorsement I got my license back and they took my 6000 ton endorsement completely off and said that I should have never had it. Never mind I had it for several years and was authorized to sign people off on Large OSV’s. It was easily taken care of, but just an example of how things can be mis-interpreted. Keep going Azimuth and when you get your Master’s license it won’t even matter.

The OSV credentials without the tonnage limit of 6000 ITC were erroneous. The reasoning was that since the largest OSV cannot (currently) exceed 6000 ITC, not putting any tonnage would have the effect of letting the mariner wortk on any current OSV. However, current regulations limit the OSV license to 3000 ITC, so the actual effect of not adding the tnnage limit was to decrease the authority to 3000 ITC. Good intention, bad result. When the consequences were made apparent, they resumed use of the 6000 ITC limtation.