Outsider here, looking for answers concerning entry-level employment in Alabama area

Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, but it is extremely active.

Something clicked inside me during recent weeks and I would like to ask y’all a few questions concerning employment as a greenhorn. To start off, I’m 30 years old and have no boating experience outside of recreational bass fishing (which is to say none at all). I live in Montgomery AL, but have no problem with commuting for extended trips. I do have an electrical and instrumentation degree, but the work is dull and the market is relatively swamped with people fresh out of school (I was my family’s caretaker for a number of years and missed that opportunity).

Given all of that, I have some questions.

  1. Is there much demand for greenhorns such as myself around this area? (all info no matter the location is appreciated)

  2. How much am I expected to know as a first-time deckhand?

  3. What sort of knowledge can I gain to convince my potential employers to give me a chance, other than knots, basic ship operation, etc?

I understand that most of you have years or decades of experience, and I appreciate any time you take to help me undertake this calling. If there are any resources out there that can help me to be the best greenhorn possible, I’d greatly appreciate you linking them here.

First things first, you need a few things to be able to be gainfully employed.

  1. TWIC card.
  2. MMC document.
  3. Medical certificate.

I’m not sure for your area but finding a job as a greenhorn is pretty hard to find. Most companies like to see experience. On the other hand there ARE companies out there that will hire brand new greenhorns.

Also you have to make a decision on wether or not you want to go to sea (on ships) or work inland (usually tugs and barges).

If you have any questions regarding this stuff, feel free to message me.

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Right now is a very good time to find work on inland tugs. If you want something close to home, check out Parker Towing in Alabama. The inland towing industry is hiring at all positions and short handed, you will be able to find work if you want it. Feel free to message me if you want recommendations on other companies hiring.

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Love to see others helping! Glad you know the area!