OUPV study course

A friend’s son wants to study for a OUPV license and I’ve offered to help him prepare (he can certify 360 days crewing on his dad’s 40 foot boat). Does anyone know the best home study course for the written?

Assuming son is US citizen, I’d skip OUPV and have him apply for Master 25GRT. He has to be 19 for this, but if he is only 18 he can apply for Limited Master and I believe it is the same test. So when he turns 19 they can just remove the limitation.

Limited Master is only for certain applicants and has specific restrictions. From 46 CFR 11.429(a):

An endorsement as limited master for service on near-coastal waters on vessels of less than 100 GRT may be issued to an applicant to be employed by organizations such as yacht clubs, marinas, formal camps, and educational institutions. An endorsement issued under this section is limited to the specific activity and the locality of the yacht club, marina, or camp.

It’s also not the same test as Master 25/50/100 GRT, the specific test for Limited Master depends on the restriction to the endorsement.

Thanks for the feedback. He’s 20 and a US citizen. I’ll let him know about the 25 ton master.