OSV to Towing Career

Currently working on an OSV and looking to make a transition to the towing world. I currently have a PIC for dangerous liquids but have no towing experience. What would be the best way to make this career transition? Any companies to recommend or should I go and take the TOAR class for my resume? Don’t mind the pay change but was hoping for even time work schedule? Is that unrealistic

Tug companies offer even time rotations more so than osv companies, so you shouldn’t have any problems there…
Since you hold a pic, that in hand with an ab ticket should find you some work with anyone moving oil. Once you get in somewhere you can work on getting your mate or master of tow.

Push that tankerman pic. That’s your best bet of getting your foot in the door somewhere.

Reinauer had a posting for AB/tankerman on FB last week.

I would go take the TOAR assessments at Diamond marine I’m NY, getting them signed off on board is pretty hard because there aren’t many DE out there, let alone any that want to even really do it.

Thanks for the responses and guidance. My family lives in Houston, by any chance could y’all give me a short list of companies that would most likely be coming and going out of there. I’m assuming one of the petroleum/chemical barge groups. Thanks

Crowley, Bouchard, OSG, Reinaur, Kirby, Moran