Open Book Testing ar REC

I am trying to renew my license and the NMC wants me to take the Maaster 200 open Book module Q155 and Rules of the Road module Q475.

I have never know anyone to take an open book exam. What are you allowed to bring with you for the test.

So my license expired last June, and I submitted my paperwork this last Feb. The just got to evaluating it this June 15. So when they look at your sea time for all your requirements going back the last five years, what 5 year time frame do they use. The 5 years from you license expiration date, five years from the day you submit your application, or five years from when they finally get it evaluated.

Assuming it is what I think it is, they mail you the test to take. You are allowed to use the resources you have, i.e., open book.

I just re read it and I think your right. Thanks