Only ship ever sunk by a nuclear submarine in combat?

Anyone got this one???<br><br><br><br>Scroll down for the answer <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><img style=“width: 431px; height: 304px;” alt="" src="]<br>The <span class=“mw-headline]Belgrano</span><br><br><br>The <strong>ARA</strong> <strong>General Belgrano</strong> was an [Argentine Navy [URL=” class=“mw-redirect” title=“Cruiser (warship)]cruiser sunk in a controversial incident during the [URL=” title=“Falklands War]Falklands War with the loss of 323 lives. Losses from the Belgrano totalled just over half of Argentine deaths in the Falklands conflict.
It is the only ship ever to have been sunk by a [URL=” title=“Nuclear navy]nuclear-powered [URL=” title=“Submarine]submarine and only the second sunk by any type of submarine since the end of [URL=” title=“World War II]World War II. The [URL=” title=“Royal Navy]Royal Navy submarine used three [URL=” title=“List of torpedoes]Mk 8 mod 4 [URL=” title=“Torpedo]torpedoes.
This was the second warship to bear the name <strong>General Belgrano</strong>. The name had earlier been used for a 7,069-ton armoured cruiser completed in 1899.<br>Side note: formerly the [URL=” title=“USS Phoenix (CL-46)]USS Phoenix, a survivor of the 1941 [URL=” title=“Attack on Pearl Harbor]attack on Pearl Harbor](” title="Argentine Navy).<br><br><br>