Argentine sub

a ex submariner friend of mine sent me a report from Bruce Rule head of analysis navy seafloor sosus systems stating the sub sand vertically at 10-13 knots (when it hit bottom) and collapsed at 1275 ft (apx) at 46-10s X 59-42W at 151358Z. hull collapse at 4.4 Hz is consistent with that event. at this depth pressure was 570 psi. The resultant water ram entered the hull at 1,800 mph and hull compaction (sometimes from the end toward the center) took apx. 40 millisecounds which is about one half the congnitive recognition time for a human. It is probable the usa has better untold info regarding this event (location etc) but revealing it can compromise our capabilities.
this is the 2nd time I typed this and neither can I find the original post now where I started the first reply… damn windows 12.6 or whatever!!! it doesn’t help the bottom 2" of the screen are black either!

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