40 years since the Falkland War ended

Yesterday was 40 years to the day since Britain retook Port Stanley and ended the Falkland War:

On that day I was in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. (Rio Grande was one of the bases for the Argentine Air Force)

We had just completed moving the Argentine owned J/U rig “Rio Colorado 1” for the third time since the war started. The rig was managed by Saipem, working for Total but manned by mostly Argentineans, (some of whom were descendants of British settlers in Patagonia).

A grope of us were waiting for our flight to BA and having lunch at a restaurant aptly called “Las Malvinas”, when the news came on the radio that Port Stanley had “fallen”.
It got deadly silent for a while around our table. We were many different nationalities, speaking in English, sitting under a mural with a map of Las Malvinas and the slogan “Las Malvinas son Nuestra” (Falkland is ours)

All eyes suddenly turned to us. We decided to skip desert.