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[B]I Just found this site, and looks pretty cool. I’ll probebly take a few tests just to see how much I forgot :rolleyes:[/B]

[B]Also has some good links too. Super easy to navigate and notice (my favorite) what I highlighted @ the bottom in blue…[/B]

[B]This is from their site:[/B]

A Little History
SeaSources was originally founded in 1996 for the purpose of providing an affordable alternative to the outrageous cost of exam preparation for mariners sitting for their first license or document as well as professionals seeking to upgrade. As I remembered studying for my first exam back in 1979 I thought of the stack of floppy discs that I had paid a ridiculous amount of money for and they cancelled themselves out after you had taken X amount of quizzes on them which rendered them useless for review later on. Their had to be a better way. When I first started this project the database of questions was only available in document format. All of the original questions and answers were manually copied and pasted from a word document format into an excel spreadsheet which, as you can imagine, with 28,000 give or take questions was quite an undertaking. Then, after learning Visual Basic programming, I was able to write a program that the DB was plugged into and made available on CD. It soon became apparent that keeping up with the new questions from the Coast Guard as they came out was going to be very difficult as far as updating the CD’s which had been purchased. Thus the concept of the online study was born. With the help of an excellent programmer and an updated database we proceeded to make the questions available to anyone for free, talk about affordable, who could access the web and do it in a format that was easy to use as well as being able to plug new questions into as soon as they were available. With the development of the TesTTaker software , many thanks to my good friend Jaime, we have been able to offer not only the online tests but still give people the ability to install them locally to their computer, if they should choose, and get the new questions updated as they come out. This has proved to be a much more efficient system. SeaSources is currently being accessed by several of the major maritime academies as a supplement to their exam prep on a regular basis.
The online testing went live in February of 2000 and has gone through many improvements since then and we have many more to come.
Thank you to the almost 10,000 (it’s actually over 13,000 as we lost our first user database in a server crash some years back) registered SeaSources online users for their help and suggestions since I started this project almost 14 years ago. And thanks for spreading the word as this is how many of our new members hear about us and come to study for their License.
Steve and Jaime SeaSources Developers

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I have actually used the web site a couple of times. Good tool to brush up on various subjects.

[B]Anybody been here lately ? they have added a lot of stuff… sure is easier than the open book method of learning…[/B]

What’s the scoop with that site. I have looked it over a few times but didn’t enter. Is there a fee for use? It’s safe? Always looking for study tools.

[QUOTE=Ea$y Money;51219]What’s the scoop with that site. I have looked it over a few times but didn’t enter. Is there a fee for use? It’s safe? Always looking for study tools.[/QUOTE]

[B]here is clips from site… it’s ok to sign up, it’s supported by to guys, they accept donations if you want, wonder if gCaptain will endorse it? check it out let me know…[/B]

SeaSources is not limited to questions on Coast Guard Licensing only. If you would like to consider incorporating a battery multiple choice quizzes on any subject into your schools computer network through our online testing service we would be happy to work with you. For more information contact me. .

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Ya they have been around awhile …I used them a lot in the past, especially to brush up on rules of the road…The seasource guys have posted on here as well…

Seasources has really stepped up it’s game lately with a new ap for Android…something UpgradeU was unable to do for some reason and giving Lapworth and Captain Joe’s a run for their money. They have been staying on top of what’s coming out of the NMC and since the USCG pulled the question pool, that is increasingly relevant.
If you are looking for online or offline license upgrade training and haven’t checked them out yet, or if it has been awhile since you have, I would consider them a starting point.