Online Training Programs for non-USCG training

I am wondering generally if any here have taken online training as part of their employment. I am asking generally about OSHA based training like fall protection, PPE, safe lifting, etc.

Where did you take it?

How long were the modules?

How useful do you find the training?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

I’ve taken a number of these things online. Most are pretty simplistic, same as the live classes. Sometimes its the same videos of cartoons that they play at some of the “live classes.” The difference is that the online classes seem to take a lot longer than the the live classes do. No matter what you take online you’ll end up missing something that someone thinks you should have, or missing a hands on assessment. Many of the online course state that its up to the employer to provide the required additional practical training. For example, I’d rather take a full day forklift class with practical assessments of me actually running a forklift all signed off, than have a certificate saying I took a four hour online forklift course, that requires to employer to provide additional practical training and conduct assessments. Same thing with the online HAZWOPER courses, you don’t get the hands on practical. So the online classes don’t seem to save much time or money. The only advantage is that you can do them at sea. Also, some HR types don’t like online training certificates. I have come to the conclusion that its better for me to go to a live class put on by a respected school or trainer that includes a complete training package, so nothing is missing. I’d rather spend two days in class for the complete package than screw around for four days online and not get everything that’s needed. I think there are some courses where you can take part of the course online, but then finish the assessments in a live class. That might be ok as long as its a reputable school.

If your company is providing online training for you that they accept, that’s a different story.