Whats the deal with the new security training?

Ive seen a couple posts here and there about it being required by most of the bigger companys down there, can I do the class online like some have mentioned or do I have to go to a location? im still not working on a boat I continue to look when I have time, as a new mariner is the MSA course all I need? can I take the VSO or VPDSD course without any prior experience just to have it done already in the future?

I do not believe the USCG has approved an online security course yet but J.D. Cavo would know better than me. Yes, you can take a VSO or VPDSD without any prior experience of any kind. It is not a sea time-relevant endorsement as far as I know.

Sheesh. I wish there was an online course for this. That way I coulda stayed in my bunk and slept while I ‘attended’. I lost several days at this one. Only GMDSS was a bigger sleeper.

If you’re working entry level I really doubt you’ll miss out on a job, especially domestically without it. I bet 3/4 of my company doesn’t even have it. If you were licensed and looking for a higher level
Job I could see it be an issue.

Don’t see why it wouldn’t count though,

Course Approval
This course was reviewed by Det Norske Veritas Americas (DNV) on behalf of NMC and by the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD). Upon completion of that review, DNV and MARAD certified that this course complies with the following standards and training requirements:
U.S. Maritime Administration, Guidelines for Maritime Security Training Course Providers
Regulation 13.4 (Part B) and 18.3 (Part B) of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code
Model Course MTSA 04-03, Maritime Security Awareness (2004 edition)
IMO Model Course 3.25, Security Awareness Training for all Port Facility Personnel (2011 edition) / IMO Model Course 3.27 Security Awareness Training for all Seafarers (2012 edition)
STCW Convention 1978, as amended, Regulation VI/6 and STCW Code Section A-VI/6