One legged DPO?

I have a question for everyone out there. Does anyone know of someone who is working offshore with an artificial knee? I am trying to find out if having that surgery will put my offshore career at risk, and does the USCG have issues with it. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure wether the CG would turn you down. I would imagine no company would hire you no matter how well your knee was. Most would be worried your knee would give out unexpectedly and you would fall down a flight of stairs. I’ve heard of people saying they would sign waiver to forgo any litigation if that happened. I’ve never heard of a company taking them up on it.

They hired Capn’ Ahab didn’t they. There may be a Japanese whale "research"vessel looking for someone. In all seriousness, that South African Olympic Athlete with those artificial legs could run faster than 99.99% of the world so why couldn’t someone work dpo with one composite leg. You would be dealing with the USCG so common sense may not come into play.

One of my Chief Mates had his hip replaced a year ago and is still going strong.

I had a 2nd mate who was totally color blind, only needed one pen to update the charts