Old NMC Checklist - OICNW 500GT or More

I was wondering if anyone happened to have a copy of the old NMC Checklist for OICNW 500 GT or More Operational Level. I recall that it had a clause that said they would except assessments in lieu of classes as long as the assessments were completed and signed off before December 31 2016, and as long as they were turned into the Coast Guard before June 30 2017.
I have taken BRM, Radar, ECDIS, ARPA, GMDSS, Adv FF, MCP, Flashing Light, LTW and I have also Passed all of my 3rd Mate Unlimited exams. The CG is now issuing my Domestic 3rd Mate endorsement. In order to get my International endorsement they are saying i need to take Search/Rescue, Terrestrial/Celestial, Stability, Cargo Handling, Ship Handling, Meteorology, and Watchkeeping. These additional classes were previously covered in the Assessments package. All of my assessments were signed off before Dec 31 2016, and were turned in to the CG before June 30 2017, but every time I talked to anyone with the CG they go by the newest checklist and i seem to have misplaced the old one. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

When did your seatime start? Somebody correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I believe that made a difference on what assessments and requirements/STCW classes you had to fulfill.

Also, clarify on the fact that you got your National 3/M but not your STCW when you tested? If you didn’t request it when you did the National, I’m pretty sure that meant that those assessments and anything used to get credit for that National got wiped when you received the National ticket. (I think)

Interesting. Did you apply only for the National when you tested? I’m interested to see what happens…

NMC checklists are not the source of policy. If you are looking for grandfathering provision, the authoritative policy is going to be in NVIC 2-14.

I’m also not sure what or why you need this. If you are questioning a decision of the NMC, appropriate recourse is to ask for a reconsideration of the decision, and if you are still aggrieved, to appeal to CG HQ. Appeals and reconsideration requests are different than appeals in a Court in that you do not have to provide evidence to support your assertion, it’s enough to just say “I appeal.” You are going to get a de novo review of the issue, and all relevant policy, regulation and other evidence will be considered, even if you do not provide it or raise a specific point in your appeal.

Also, the policy was not that assessments will be accepted instead of courses. The regulations before March 24, 2014, require3d assessments, but did not require many of the courses in the new regulation. So, the grandfathering allowed one to qualify by only doing the assessments, (most of) the courses were not required as they were not in the old regulation.

This notwithstanding, it seems you are missing important parts of the grandfathering policy. The policy was (it expired over a year ago) that if any of the service you use for the new endorsement was obtained before March 24, 2014, you can qualify under previous regulations and policies until January 1, 2017. The reference to applications was to recognize that applications are not evaluated and MMCs issued on the same day, so if a complete application was received before January 1, 2017, it would still be evaluated under the old policies even thought that evaluation happens after January 1, 2017. However, you must have met all of the old requirements before January 1, 2017, and have included evidence of meeting them in your application. If you still needed sea time, one or more assessments, or one of the courses required under the past policy, you are not eligible for grandfathering. It’s not just getting an (incomplete) application in by the cut-off date.

Since the cut-off date for grandfathering passed well over a year ago, and an application is not held open for that long, I can’t envision any scenario by which you would still be eligible for grandfathering.

I’m trying to figure out what he is thinking of that could be causing confusion, could those be the dates for allowing someone to sign as assessor without being an NMC approved QA?

I’m not sure, but that may figure into it also. The dates he mentions do match the first extension of the time by which assessments had to be done by a QA. But all that did was say the person signing the assessment didn’t have to be an approved QA. It had nothing to do with courses. The bit about assessments taking the place of a course sounds like the grandfathering when courses weren’t required.

Yes, I think he’s confusing the two.

By the way, did the time frame in which someone can sign off assessments without being a QA get extended? I’ve heard from other mariners that it was extended to the end of 2018 but I’ve never seen confirmation.

This is the most recent extension. The assessments need to be done by December 31, 2019, and turned in with an application before June 30, 2020.

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my teatime started in 2010, and when i applied for testing i applied for a 3/M Unlimited tonnage international ticket

i applied for the international ticket when i tested, but was only issued a national due to not having the rest of the classes finished

Did you apply before or after December 31, 2016? If it was after, it doesn’t matter when you did the assessments, the courses are required.

It was after Dec 31st 2016, but at the time the checklist i was going by i believe said to the effect that the coast guard would still accept the assessments as long as they were all completed before Dec 31 2016.

That was (is) true. But that’s assessments. The assessments and courses are two separate things, and have always been separate. After December 31, 2016, the courses are required for everyone, it doesn’t matter when your assessments were done.

ok thanks for the info