NVIC 11-07 questions

  1. If I have a 1600/3000 master ocean, ARPA, GMDSS, ECDIS, VSO, med care provider, flashing light, and STCW A-II/2 rating, can I complete the assessments in NVIC 11-07 to have OICNW added to my STCW/MMC certificate on my next renewal, without testing or applying for an upgrade to 3rd Mate at the same time? I just want the OICNW endorsement for now, and then work on 3rd Mate after that. I have about 6 years as master/mate time on my current license.

  2. In the examination section 4 d (2), it seems that I will need to test again since I did not take a mates exam after Feb 2002. However, it also says, “…must complete the examinations described above [U][I][B]OR[/B][/I][/U] complete an approved alternative to demonstrate that they have achieved the required standard of competence for knowledge based KUPs.” So, what is an “approved alternative”, I cannot figure out to what they are referring?

  3. What are the current routes to go directly to 2M or CM, from either a 3000 master or 6000 OSV master, if any?

Anchorman, jdcavo, capt.lee, and c.captain; you guys are quite knowledgeable and helpful; perhaps you can shed some light on these question for me. Also, just so this does not come up, I am not whining and/or trying to get something for free, I simply want to know what my options are and what the smartest plan of attack is, so I do not duplicate efforts or miss something crucial.

Thank you in advance to all those who reply!

Also, is there any word on when the next wave of the Manila convention will be implemented by the US, and what are the highlights of that change?

try Ms. Joyce at Houston Marine License Prep here in Houston, TX… She knows her stuff… there is a way but she can better explain that.


Thank you. However, she is a paid service provider. I asked here because I was hoping to get some insight without having to pay for it! That’s kinda the point of gcaptain, to “share” information. At my old job, I helped at least a 1/2 dozen guys with questions like mine, and if I had enough info on their specific situation, I would also type up a personalized checklist for them stating exactly what they needed to do and the proper order in which to do it. I also helped with terrestrial and celestial studying when needed.