OLD MAN BOB! Where did you wind up?

Hey Bob, Just checking on you. Haven’t heard anything from you in a while. I am curious to where you hung your hat. Please let me know.



Hey there Captain Lee:

Im getting my stuff squared away as they say. Dont want any loose ends when head to the GOM. Just finished putting my house back together and now have a for sale sign out front as of two days ago. Next a quick trip to Hawaii to watch my daughter play volleyball then I’ll be heading your way. Should be a low stress trip down south. Now real worries or pressing “personnal” business so should be a good time for all involved. Last time I was down there I was 20 years younger and everything seemed real urgent then… Glad I learned how to relax!

I’ll give ya’ll a holler when I land that first job.

Thanks again for all your ideas and suggestions. You gave me lots to consider.


Alright Bob, Keep in touch and let us know where you wind up. Lee