Old CFRs

This may be a silly question but I found a full set of old cfrs that were last revised in 1995. I’m wondering how much they may have changed since then and if they’re even worth keeping.

They are essentially useless as a legal research tool. There have been many chnages, and you would have no way of knowing if anything you are looking at has chnaged. They are of limited value for researching the past history of a regulation since you can get old versions back to 1996 on line.

As you would expect, there are a lot of old CFRs laying around CG HQ, eventually they end up in the trash except for some serious hoarders. I have been re-purposing old CFRs. I was inspired by this guy, but since I want to keep my job, I had to go with titles/covers that are just ridiculous and stupid and cannot reasonably be viewed as offensive. I carry them with me around the building and “forget” them in conference rooms, etc.


I was in USCG Headquarters last year and saw one of these CFRs covered in a nonsensical cover. A colleague and I spent awhile puzzling over it while the team we were presenting to were in another room deliberating. I wish I remembered what the precise title was!!