Old capt. trying to get DP cert


Been on commercial freighters of all trades, & put my hands on every type of ships that floats as a ses trial capt. @SamSung Heavy Industry until I came to U.S.

No luck on U.S. commercial ships…
Went back to home country briefly upto SamSung trying to drive Semi’s that U.S.company ordered. & Got turned down for my License issued by USCG.

One thing I learned, when sea trial capt’s job seemed unreachable…
that DPO seemed wanted everywhere…

So, I called DP school asking for $1,845 for 4days introduction(orientation)& need one month observer time (no money earned) & another $1,845 for 4 days simulator class and then some employer got to hire me for 6 months like he take care of own son…

Is there alternative way to get the cert…?


Except for the “no money earned” and being taken care of like the owner’s son, I think you have it exactly correct; there is no other way—I wish there were…


The only other way is to get the company to pay for it, which is a hard sell these days…


Very good confirmation, thank you, Capt.


No problem, good luck!


I hear there are a few DP jobs open, how are your “acting” skills?


Well, let me say this way…I went to Puerto Rico for joining M/T "Jupiter"
of MOC(now OSG).

I performed the second mate’s job without any tanker relating certs or papers…1975.

I went to the one tank ship taking crude oil from half million ton tanker…they called it “Lightering Operation” I was just Unlimited Master without any tanker relating papers…at Yeosu, Korea. 1980’s

I do not memorize five thousand chemicals being carried on the tankers, and I am performing as a Port capt., Vetting Supt. Transfer Coordinator etc… 2009

My point maybe I can handle DP joy stick thing without any papers…but they are looking for papers…You push, ship goes ahead, you pull ship moves back…

There’re always books we need to open in order to operate…
Thank God, we are merely operators, not scientists…