Tips for getting the DP cert

It seems it is very hard to get in the door towards gaining your DP Cert. Should I offer to work for free as a trainee or go in person down to Louisiana? I have my 3rd Mate Unlimited.

Working for free is not a real option. I think the easiest way to get the training to be a DPO is to get with a supply boat company like Chouest, Otto Candies, HOS, etc. that offers DP training along with a mates position. DP is not rocket science. It is just a piece of equipment that makes a watchstanding mate’s job a whole lot easier. You may also be able to get a deck mate position with a drilling company to get your foot in the door. Then once you are there, keep pushing to get the DP training required. I have heard of people paying out of pocket for the basic DP training, but personally I think that sucks. Companies that require DPO’s should provide the training. Applying in person is always better than long distance correspondence. I know you may be desperate to get into the industry, but working for free…well…?

No one is going to hire you if you say you’re willing to work for nothing as it would indicate that you were mentally challenged in some way. But I understand your point. The DP field is difficult to break into though it is certainly not a difficult beast to master, DP is a long, long way from rocket science. I do understand your dilemma. On unlimited DP MODUs or drillships there are mates waiting in line to get a DP training slot. Why? Because DP guys don’t get dirty and definitely don’t work especially hard while making a decent salary. But first you’d have to get a gig as a mate and wait your turn in line, brown-nose, etc or whatever it takes to get one of those DP training slots once one opens up. Getting a mate’s job on a MODU or drillship isn’t easy nowadays as there are a ton of underemployed unlimited deck folks out there already. Your next option is to go the limited tonnage route on OSVs for your DP certification. Most modern OSVs are DP so if you’re a mate or one of the many captains they have you will as a matter of course become DP certified as it’s part of your day to day job. In my opinion the large OSV and AHTS DP operators are some of the best in the business and their skill sets and on the fly judgement outshines most unlimited tonnage DP operators I’ve seen but their chances of getting the higher paying jobs on the drillships are slim. It’s a caste thing.

I am a cadet, If I were to take the basic DP course could I be a cadet observer on a DP vessel and count those days towards getting my basic DP cert?


Take the money you would loose working for free and pay for the DP introductory course while continuing to look for employment on a DP vessel to get your 30 days signed off. I understand that you might be able to count previous time completed “observing” toward the 30 day requirement. Then go pay for the 2nd class and you then only need 6 months time on a DP vessel. Each course at Beier is 2000 and Kongsberg in Houston is 1900 each. Don’t need anything to start except a handfull of cash. They both have classes almost every week.

Captain Lee’s suggestion to consider OSVs for your DP seatime will provide an oportunity to gain boat handling / small-ship handling skills. It is difficult to get a start in the Oil Field without living down there. I suggest you get a couple of Academy friends to split an apartment in either Southern Louisiana or the Houston/Galveston areas. Louisiana leads with more small boat operators. The world’s top Drilling contractors are located in Houston. Texas has NO income tax. Just something to consider.

Anyone have contact information for a DP class, like cost, whom and where, maybe a phone number please?

[QUOTE=spin;42341]Anyone have contact information for a DP class, like cost, whom and where, maybe a phone number please?[/QUOTE] that’s the nautical institute’s website where you can download the list of approved training centers. It has contact information, and most centers have websites where you can follow up on cost and schedules. Expect around 2000 for each of the two classes.

Thank you very much, hopefully I can find a training course here in the US

I am a second mate looking to obtain a DPO cert. and I d like to know where is the right way to look up for companies hiring junior dpos either shipping or oil rig companies with international crew.

[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;42284]Working for free is not a real option. DP is not rocket science it is something that makes the mate’s hole a lot easier to get in position for drilling or to get your foot in. Then once you are there, keep pushing. I have heard of people paying for DP, but personally I think that [I]sucks[/I]. I know you may be desperate to get into the industry, but working for free…well…?[/QUOTE]

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