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good day everybody.
My name is sherif sadek from egypt and i have a 2nd mate license
i was working with lydia mar shipping in greece for 8 months as a 3rd mate ( only one contract in my life ) and due the bad shipping market i am searching for a job since 13/03/2009 until now.
And the one day friend of mine told me you can travel to england or dubai to got a basic dp induction course cause the supply career is good so i sent plenty mail to different centers and i have plenty offers but i was asking you guys

1- is dp course can help me to fiend a job ?
2- what is best center for training ?
3- after i got the basic dp induction course it’s so hard to fiend a supply to training 1 month to get the dp simulator ?

I am so sorry for talking so much but no one can ask him about that.

Thanks everybody for listening to me.

2nd mate sherif sadek.

Check out this Facebook Group “Dynamic Position Operators” http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=25537051377&v=wall You’ll find assistance and answers there.

No need to leave the pages of gCaptain, all those questions have been asked here before. Just search the older posts in the DP Section of this forum.

Getting the Basic DP training is just a function of money, the hard part is finding a DP Trainee billet for your first 30 day hitch…

For those who have funded themselves, it can be very hard (read, next to impossible) to get the necessary 30 days sea-time. There are many seafarers out in the market today, all desperate to qualify as DPO, but they can’t get past this second hurdle. There is currently no formal system of placing, and progress thereafter is effectively blocked.

Experienced and committed seafarers who have decided to invest in their own career are struggling to get sea-time – Many after writing reams of application letters, hundreds of printed resumes and pleading emails are unfortunately giving up on their DP dream.

IDPOA www.dpoperators.org is working to bridge the gap between these DP trainees and the owners/operators that may be able to provide the “Phase2” 30 days sea-time. The “Berthing Pool” project is in its infancy, but is floundering because of a lack of industry buy-in. The idea is to create an online database of trainees and available positions. This scheme could ensure that trainees are at least aware of who may be offering trainee places onboard.

Being completely open and honest, it would be hard to recommend to anyone to try and get into DP at the moment without employer support or a cast iron guarantee of sea-time. Not until there is a formal recognition and a solution to the problems of getting sea-time and of the blockage in the training system. It is saddening and frustrating to have to write that, but that is the truth. For those who are intent on trying, good luck and hopefully your faith and investment will be repaid.

There is a recruitment time bomb ticking. Unless something is done, there is going to be an incredible shortage of DPO’s when work starts coming in, and with so many newbuild DP2&3 vessels set to come onstream, as well as many vessels being retrofitted, the conveyor belt of talent needed to ensure safe and efficient DP operations into the future is not being fed.

thank you so much for tips
i am waiting UK visa and then i will go to lowestoft college to take the induction course
and i will try.
but this will be last breath for me

Good luck for you and me

[QUOTE=mtskier;31996]Getting the Basic DP training is just a function of money, the hard part is finding a DP Trainee billet for your first 30 day hitch…[/QUOTE]

D’You mean, Everybody, even the seasoned Unlmited Master has to have 30 day seatime as an AB on the DP ship before you pay to go to Kongberg or something ?

“D’You mean, Everybody, even the seasoned Unlmited Master has to have 30 day seatime as an AB on the DP ship before you pay to go to Kongberg or something ?”

every new DPO needs the requisite 30 days sea time as a DP Operator. no exceptions.

every new DPO needs the requisite 30 days sea time as a DP Operator. no exceptions.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, Richard…

I heard that’s for second simulator class, maybe I can be wrong. What I understood was ;
paying to go to introductory(basic) class for 4~5 days and then got to have 30 day seatime as a DP operator and then go to the next class…

What about going to the first class ? Still need to have 30 day seatime as a wheelhouse AB on the DP ship before you go to the first class?

Much appreciated if you kindly advise…

it goes like this:
bridge officer
first DP class
certain amount of time as DPO (Dynamic Position Operator), I recall 180 days on DP 1 2 or 3 vessels (no time and 1/2 for 12 hours days, sorry)
second “advanced” DP class
at least 30 days as DPO on either DP 1 2 or 3 vessels.
submit to London office to recieve certificate, often takes months: if you worked on DP1 vessels you get a certificate limiting you to DP1 vessels, if you worked on DP2 and 3 vessels you get an “unlimited DP Certificate”, in my experience this is the one you need to get the highest paying jobs in oil & gas.

I have not heard of anyone other then a licensed bridge officer getting a DPO certificate (you mentioned an AB getting it) : when on DP the vessel is technically still underway and therefore according to COLREGS needs to have an STCW certified deck officer present and “at the con”.

Actually anybody can be a DPO. There is no need to be a bridge officer first or even an AB. I had some people like that when I took my induction class. They were going to work on rigs and so for some reason they did not need to be OICNW. How it works is that you go take the induction class first for a week- any school certified by the Nautical Institute is OK. Then you have to go and get your 30 days on the ship. THAT is the hard part!! While you are there, you get trained by the DPOs onboard and have to get signed off on certain things like going on DP, how the reference systems work, etc, etc. Then after your 30-35 days on board you go take the 2nd class- the “simulator” class. After that class, you need to get on another vessel and get 6 months of supervised time on the desk. All this is time on the DP desk that is counted for your 30 days and your 6 months. After you complete all these steps, then you need to get signed off in your logbook by the master or senior DPO and then send your signed logbook (make copies first!!!) to the Nautical Institute and you should get a full DP certificate. If you do not get all your time on DP class 2-3 vessels, it will take you longer to get your certificate.
Hope this helps.

wow, joes off the street getting DP certs? never seen that before. oh well, live and learn.

Its no wonder why companies are always hiring for DPO’s and never hiring trainee’s since the training is very long.

Guys pls help me I have dp advence exam on friday. Do you have any suggestions or note
Pls write mymail aresmaniafb@gmail.com

review your basic course material as well as the advanced.
How did you go in the basic exam?

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