Oil rig maintenance and transfer to repair dock

Dear All,
I need to make an elaborate on above subject for my masters degree.
In regards to above, I would appriciate some comments from this industry proffesionals to help me direct my efforts in research.

This may be a wide subject, but will try to summarise basic question from nautical stand points, on my modest level.

When oil rig is in operation, and needs to be moved for repairs to dock. What are essential tasks and preparations and duties of marine depatment.

How the rig is moved? How it is controlled by persons on the rig?

Approximate speed of towing?

Procedures of getting in the repair dock.

Marine department on the rig, their jobs and responisibilite in daily operation / drilling?

The type is self elevating drilling platform. 3 legs aprx 40 meters, max water depth 300 ft, drilling dept , 6000 mtr

As a quite newbie in this subject, my questions are not limited to above, and would be most grateful for any other useful hints.

Many thanks to all willing to share their experience,