Am i able to get an OICNW endorsement while only holding a Mate of Towing near coastal? If not, what is the minimum requirements for OICNW?

500 tons or more

Under 500 tons.

Relevant CFR


Yes. See the list of eligible national endorsements in sub-paragaphs k and l in paragraph 1 of Enclosure (1) of NVIC 12-14.

Could you answer this for me? I am doing my assessment for oicnw less than 500gt near coastal. (A-II/3) According to the picture above, from the coast guard, the master im working with can fill all the assessments besides 8.1.A. He holds a Master 1600 tons Oceans with Master of towing, OICNW not more than 3000. If he cant sign that portion off, 8.1.A, what qualifies someone to do that assessment? Who do i have to do that assesment with?

I got that assessment through completion of the Stability and Ship Construction course which is required training for STCW II/1. But assuming you don’t want to take that course yet, it should still be possible to have a Master or Mate sign off on it. The shot of the master’s memo you circled looks like what CG gave him when he was approved as a QA. But if you read the NVIC, until January 1, 2029, CG will accept anyone with a national endorsement and one year experience upon NC or oceans on vessels of at least 100 GRT as able to sign-off on all the assessments in that NVIC. So your master that gave you his QA qualifications very likely also qualifies to assess you for 8.1.A - at least until 2029.

Thanks, we’ll try it.

That’s the approval for a “Qualified Assessor.” Currently, assessments do not need to be signed by a QA. For OICNW near coastal, they can be signed by anyone with at least one year experience as OICNW, see page 1 of Enclosure (2) of NVIC 02-18.