OICNW upgrade

Looking to upgrade from 1600 Mate to 3/M unlimited as well as OICNW 3000GT to no restriction, when I tested I was exempt from the additional classes of meteorology, shiphandling, ship construction, watchkeeping etc etc. under the old rules. Question is do I now need to complete these classes or am I grandfathered in? Having trouble finding an answer elsewhere. Thanks.

Judging by 46 CFR §11.309(e) I would say yes, you need the classes. You might be able to make the argument that you already hold the endorsement of “OICNW greater than 500 GT” and you are simply wanting to remove the tonnage restriction on it and thus don’t need them, but I’m not sure that will fly. @jdcavo is the expert though.

You should be good without courses or assessments. The 3,000 GT limit on your STCW endorsement is based on the tonnage of your Mate license. So raising the grade of your national endorsement (license) to 3rd Mate increases the tonnage authority of your license (to unlimited) so the tonnage limit on your STCW that is based on your current license should be removed.

This is what I figured the case was, thank you.