C/M STCW Upgrade

I’m trying to determine if I will need to take any additional STCW classes when I upgrade the unlimited side of my MMC from 2/M to C/M. I have the STCW endorsement for II/2 does that mean I’m already covered for C/M? Currently, I hold a 1600 master in addition to the 2/M.

My plan is to put in and see what they say but I was hoping that someone here might have a better understanding so I can have an idea of what to expect. Even if I need additional classes I will still sit for the national side and complete the classes at a later date just so I can have the testing out of the way.

Thank you for your input!

I think you will have to take all the classes from the NMC checklist, but not all the assessments.

In the assessments packet there are sections that you can get signed off in classes, and also sections that you are exempt from if holding 1600 ton master STCW.

Right, I have taken most of the classes but that was more than 10 years ago. Since my licenses has the II/2 endorsement does that mean it was previously satisfied under the old STCW? I had upgraded to 3/m in 2014 and 2/m in 2016

Also I’m trying to clarify on the attached photo of the STCW part of my mmd where it says OICNW I don’t see any restrictions, does that mean I’m qualified on STCW for any tonnage? If that’s correct does that mean I have already met all the previous requirements?

The STCW masters section has a restriction of not more than 3000. But I’m not quite sure if that is only for the masters or for all the entries on that page

The photo is attached to my first post

You’re only qualified for any tonnage for OICNW (II/1). For II/2 (Master/Chief Mate) you are limited to 3,000 GT. For Master (II/2) you are limited to less than 3,000 GT.

At a minimum, to add Chief Mate for 3,000 GT or more you need to do certain assessments for Chief Mate for 3,000 GT or more. These are the ones that are NOT marked as “Note 1” on Enclosure (2) to NVIC 10-14. You may also need courses for if the approval for the ones you took for Master Less Than 3,000 GT were limited in the approval to less than 3,000 GT. If they were not, you may not nee3d additional courses.

The requirements for a raise of grade from Less Than 3,000 GT to 3,000 GT or more are discussed in paragraph (4)(a) of Enclosure (1) to NVIC 10-14.

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Thank you jdcavo for the solid information! I’ll be diving into the nvic tonight

One more thing

I just looked my credential verification on the nmc website and the II/2 under “international regulations” has “Master, Chief Mate (500 gross tons or more” but no upper limitation

Under “International Capacities and limitations” I have no tonnage limitation under OICNW but the masters section has “not valid on vessels 3000 gross ton or more” but no reference to chief mate

Does that mean I previously fulfilled the C/M STCW for any tonnage and won’t have to do the assessments/classes until I upgrade to master unlimited?

Regulation Ii/2 is for both Master and Chief Mate 500 GT or more and less than 3,000 GT and Master and Chief Mate 3,000 GT or more. You only have the former.

You have NOT met the requirements for Chief Mate 3,000 GT or more.

Ok thank you for the clarification

Because you don’t have a Chief Mate license. You have an OICNW (3M/2M) with no tonnage limit and a Master with a 3,000 GT limit. (

If vessels under 3,000 GT required a Chief Mate your Master endorsement would allow you to serve in that capacity.)

Yes, as OICNW (3M/2M).

That’s only for management level endorsements. Your Master endorsement allows service as Chief Mate under the same restrictions. When you upgrade to CM Unlimited it will have a separate entry for Chief Mate with no tonnage limit, then when you upgrade to Master Unlimited it will just say Master with no tonnage limit.

Really? You took all the Chief Mate/Master Unlimited classes and never upgraded?

Thank you for the explanation, the coding for the STCW is needlessly complicated in my opinion, the fact that I have to delve in NIVC’s and ask for help is absurd. The domestic side is easily to understand directly off the MMC. I get it there are international conventions and regulations that the US is bound to but for Pete’s sake can we just chose one or the other. I don’t care which one but having basically two licenses is stupid…just venting don’t expect anything to really ever change and I would like to getting a more depth understanding of how the system works.

I’m trying to clarify if I have completed all of the classes. I have basic/advanced certs for all of the classes that are listed on the STCW C/M checklist with the exception of SAR from school (limited tonnage program from a 4 year academy, graduating in ‘09) what I’m not clear on is if that meets the previously completed requirement since that was more than 10 years ago which it sounds like they may not. So I hope it doesn’t appear as if I was done enough to pay for classes that I never put in for.

I’m not planning to sail unlimited but if I’m eligible for the license I would like to get it. I guess I’m looking at the testing aspect as a challenge to refresh the knowledge I learned at school. I’m annoyed at how rusty I am at some of the test that I have practiced on so far in subjects I had down pat when I took the 500/1600/3rd mate exam in ‘09, but to be honest the test are not necessarily reflective of the day to day work most of us do.

Do you know additional resource to dive into for the nuts and bolts of STCW endorsements other than the NVIC’s that jdcavo referenced?

I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions for a stranger

I’m pretty sure no cert you got from school 15 years ago is going to be worth anything when attempting to upgrade to CM.

From the sounds of it you haven’t.

No classes at the academy count for Chief Mate / Master. Those are operational level classes not management level classes.

What other questions do you have about them?
They made them more confusing a few years back but stopping putting certain limitations on the STCW side and stopping putting GT limitations on the national side. Other than that they seem pretty straight forward to me.

I appreciate the responses and information. I’m sure you’re not trying to but the tone of you’re responses seems a tad snide. Im not trying to fight I’m just trying to figure it out.

I’m not sure how a person is expected to know that there is an upper limitation on the tonnage when there isn’t one printed on it? Which is why I was asking if there are any additional resources that spell out the regulations.

I apologize if somehow I’m coming off in a way that make you think I’m being rude or aggressive that isn’t my intention.

That’s what it sounds like

I’m not trying to.

One would think that if there’s no limit printed beside it then there’s no limit but they’re kinda weird about printing the limits. Your OICNW has no tonnage limit (2M Unlimited) but your Master does.

Despite that, you’re always restricted to your national license. Example, with a Master OSV 10,000 GT license, by the STCW Master endorsement, there’s no tonnage limit or trade restriction to OSV printed beside it. Personally, I think that’s a mistake and that they should print the tonnage and “restricted to offshore supply vessels” on it.

I think they’re fucking up by not printing everything on both sides. Print the GRT and GT both on the national side (how else can you be “restricted to your national license” if the equivalent GT isn’t also printed there) and print any GT and trade restrictions on the STCW side.

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I appreciate that and the information you given me.

Exactly why not make it more clear on the license are they worried about printing a few extra lines?