Got my C/M license on the old system, do I need the classes to upgrade

Hi all,<br><DIV>I got my C/M license before I had to take all those classes but will get the required C/M time (180 days + plenty of 2 for 1 time) to sit for my masters in about 2 months. Will I have to take all of the courses to get my upgrade to Master? Has anyone had personal experience with this? If someone has the CFR reference to this I’d appreciate it too.</DIV><br><DIV>Thanks.</DIV>

I don’t think so. I know at one time there was a cut-off day, but I think that was indefinitely extended. You should not have to take STCW classes. If you think about it, it wouldn’t make sense because the STCW training and assessments is for “management level” aptitude. Management level includes your chief mate as well as the master. You have already proven and met any management level STCW by holding a valid chief mate. If I’m wrong, you can protest based on the merits I stated - I would. Sometimes policy trumps purpose to the detriment of the mariner . Hopefully, not in this case. I’m sure Mr.Cavo will give you an answer that you can take to the bank.

<P>Regardless of when you obtained your Chief Mate license training and assessement isn’t needed to go to Master. You are already at the STCW “Management Level” of Chief Mate and Master. The signficance of the date you received the Chief Mate license is whether or not you need to take an exam. If you obtained the Chief Mate license after 2/1/02, you took the combined STCW exam and don’t test for Master. If you tested for Chief Mate before 2/1/02, you took the old exam and have to test for Master.<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br><A href="]<font color=#3354aa></font></A></P>

Wow, that’s great news James. I took my test in 2003 and it was the new system so it sounds like I’ll be all set to upgrade after my next hitch. Thanks a lot guys.

Slow down there… how the %$#@ did you get your C/M in 2003 without taking the classes?

LOL. cmjeff, seems like you and me have the same %$#@ feeling about taking those classes.

I applied before the cut off and was accepted. Then it took me a while to take (and, er… pass) all the exams. After you get accepted you have a certain grace period to take the exams in, don’t rememeber exactly how long it was. Anyway, I knew the classes were coming so I made sure I got my app in before the deadline and then just took my time studying after my app was accepted.

Smart move, wish I had thought to do that.

I tried to do that but the REC would not accept my application until I had all my classes! What a total waste of time and money!!! Coast Guard and committees need to do something to get this out of the control of the schools and turned into something beneficial to the mariners

<P>Whether or not you “beat” the deadline depends on the date your application was filed and howe complete it was at the time. If it was submitted before 2/1/02 and was complete at the time (except for the courses) you would have been grandfathered. If your application was not filed or not complete by 2/1/02, you were subject to the full requirements of STCW. It’s possible one of the guys above made the deadline and the other didn’t. There’s not enough info there for to know what really happened (there’s also nothing there to interfere with hasty assumptions).<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br><A href="]<font color=#3354aa></font></A></P>

Well %#$, I can’t blame banjo for that.