Offshore wind news

Offshore wind turbine and green hydrogen production combined:

Jan De Nul has been awarded the transport & installation for Vesterhav Nord & Syd wind farm in Denmark:

Seaway 7 to install Zhong Neng cables offshore Taiwan:

The cable-lay vessel SEAWAY PHOENIX .
Photo: Martin Lochte-Holtgreven (c)

Swedish Vattenfall is busy in Danish waters:

Offshore wind moving into the Med:

DNV is looking into the glass ball (again):

Equinor want to be big in Offshore Wind Energy:

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Photos: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Offshore wind is becoming big business all over the world:

The picture is not totally rosy for offshore wind. Belgium’s offshore wind-farms are under-performing.

The wind didn’t blow as much as expected, I imagine later it will blow more than expected. As a kite flyer I have noticed this phenomena over the years so I am sure they are not surprised.

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Denmark was a pioneer in the Offshore Wind industry and intend to be among the big players in the future:

As European wind asset owners have endured a summer of low wind, peak hour power prices have risen to their second highest level since 2018. Energy companies including SSE in the UK, and Orsted in Denmark have reported their lowest wind speeds for two decades, while the pressure to deliver on production targets is at an all-time high.

SEAWAY STRASHNOV installing monopile foundations at Hollandse Kust Zuid
Photo: Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

More offshore wind turbines for the US coming up:

Fugro Seacore to Start Surveys at Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm:

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