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Are you ready for the challenge??

Another European company wins a big wind contract in the US.

Many Americans might not be happy that not many of the big contracts seem to be going to American firms but perhaps there just aren’t any companies there that can do it, I guess European companies are benefiting from being early adopters of the technology, they have lots of experience doing it so get lots of jobs.

You know that there are money to be made when the big boys gets in on the act:

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The offshore wind industry seems to be booming in the UK:

Next step to successful development of large scale floating offshore wind farms around the world:

For those who have the right equipment, technology and skills there are money to be made and jobs to be found in the worldwide Offshore Wind Farm Industry,

New players and new ideas are welcome in new industries, like Offshore Wind:

Fred Olsen is not new to developing new ideas. He has been pioneers in shipping and offshore since the 1950s and is already well established in the Offshore Wind Industry.

OK, so the old man may not be as active in development of new ideas as he once was, but his spirit and willingness to try new things and taking risks has been brought on to the next generation.

Fred Olsen Jr.:

Sorry, only the first bit is free.

More good US news:

German-based energy company RWE has won the concession to build Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm to date, with a planned capacity of around 1 GW.

The tendering procedure for the wind farm called Thor was decided by a drawing of lots as several bidders offered to develop the project with the largest possible capacity and at a minimum price of only 0.01 DKK/kWh.

Are you trying to kill the favourit myth that offshore wind is too expensive, will increase the cost to consumers and cannot be built or operated without subsidies??
Someone will have trouble sleeping tonight since you have ruined their illusions and main argument on the subject.

Offshore wind is changing the industrial landscape in Scotland:

And gaining traction in Japan:

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Since acquiring Esvagt in 2015, 3i and AMP have supported management in driving the company’s shift in strategic focus towards service operation vessels (SOVs) and offshore wind operations. During this time, Esvagt has delivered six new SOVs and entered into a joint venture with Crowley in the US.

The wind farms are getting bigger and situated further offshore:

Offshore wind farm grid connection cable:
50kg of copper needed per meter of cable.
• Concentric row of silver dots is steel armoring cables.
• The solid black mass is a plastic filler for structural support.
• 3 high voltage conductors for 3 phase power. Those layers:
• Thin White - Jacket/conductor screen.
• Black - Outer semiconductor
• Thick White - XLPE electrical insulation
• Black - Inner semiconductor
• Center - Copper power conductor

Source: Maasmond Newsclippings