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should we do the same ofr the oil and gas industry? I’d be very happy of that.

By all means, the oil companies do not need corporate welfare.

Well…I don’t see US companies jumping to build offshore wind. And thanks to the Jones Act, there are now a bunch of vessels built or being built for these wind farms - built, owned, & crewed by US citizens.

I count the following new JA vessels for offshore wind:
20 something CTVs
6 SOVs (only 3 newbuilds; the other 3 are old OSV conversions)
1 tug/barge combo to work with a foreign WTIV
1 Cable Layer
1 Rock installation vessel

Without foreign support from companies like Orsted (a global leader in this space), we would not have any of the jobs for the above vessels I’ve listed. That’s not to say I approve of the use of foreign labor on the rest of the vessels being used - most of which are for the construction phase. But some jobs is better than no new jobs.

Interesting map including vessel investments for US offshore wind

Is that counting the Crowley SOV that’s being built?

These are the ones I know of:
2 Edison Chouest
1 Crowley/ESVAGT
2 Otto Candies (conversions)
1 HOS (conversion)

PS> Looks like green is the prefered colour and Ulstein CSOVs with X-Bow and X-Stern are expected to rule the roost in New Bedford.

CIP is busy in many parts of the world:

CIP launches new company dedicated to developing energy island projects globally

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (“CIP”) is launching Copenhagen Energy Islands (“CEI”), a new development company dedicated to developing energy islands globally with backing from Nordic, European, and North American investors.

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Source: CIP launches new company dedicated to developing energy