Offshore wind news

According to Osbit, this equipment consists of a novel dual concentric carousel, a tower with loading arms, and an ergonomic power and control cabin. The carousel, which the company says will be “the world’s first DNV-approved” dual concentric modular system for cable repair, can process two cables simultaneously in a split basket arrangement

FYI: The Goliat oil field is currently electrified and is supplied with power from shore through a power cable with a capacity of 75 MW.

PS> The “platform” is actually a FPSO of Sevan design: Goliat FPSO - Sevan SSP

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 was held in Amsterdam 28 & 29 Nov.

Participants and exhibitors from many countries around the world was present.
Here the US stand:

And the conclusion is:

Everybody had a good time and look forward to OEEC 2024 in Amsterdam 26. & 27. Nov.

Denmark was first to put wind turbines offshore and is still a world leader in the field. Now the oldest OWF in Danish waters are due for a life extension/upgrade:

The boom in OWF development give work to yards and fabricators around the world:

Spotted in the port of Nah Trang (Vietnam) monopile parts for Vestas & Siemens
Photo: Cor Vermeer ©

PS> This is about the UK market of OWF development.

The first turbine at Vineyard Wind is supplying power to the grid.

5MW out of 800 planned. Hope the rest come online in 2024.

Development of Floating Wind requires new ideas, which again requires realistic testing at scale
Tests at this scale and complexity requires multi-national and multi-discipline cooperation: :

10% may not sound like much, but a few million saved here and there soon become “real money”.

The official announcement:

First transition pieces arrived in New Bedford 7 months ago:

First turbine was installed in Oct. 2023:

And now power has been supplied to the grid for the first time:

The history and timeline of Vineyard 1 OWF:

In Europe some of the OWFs are coming to the end of their useful days and will be demolished to give space for newer, bigger and more efficient turbines.
This open opportunities for those who have the equipment and expertise to step in:

After a two months journey from the building yard in Singapore:

Vesta’s V236-15.0 MW turbine:

The “problems” for OWFs doesn’t stop at the beach landing:

A good argument for Green Hydrogen production, using what would otherwise be wasted power: