Offshore wind news

Floating wind turbines are still in the early development phase, with new ideas and inventions being presented almost daily:

Floating Wind is coming to a coast near you:
(If you are on the West Coast that is)


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More West Coast news:

Maybe they will use one or more of their new autonomous survey vessels for this job?:

The first of these has left from VARD Søviknes and is now in Esbjerg, Denmark:

Or maybe these new vessels, soon to be operational?:

Not only offshore wind and not only in the US need support:

Ocean Infinity seem to be portrayed as a trailblazing company, but I don’t really see what things they do that more established companies like Fugro didn’t do already.

They are all looking at new technology to improve their business.
Use of unmanned survey and inspection vessels are just one of those technologies that they are all testing out.

The small yard in Troms that was contracted to build the Drome Armada for Ocean infinity is bankrupt:

Before they managed to complete any of the vessels for Ocean Infinity:

But a new Grovfjord Mek Verksted 2.0 was established the day after:

I don’t know if they will carry on with the Ocean Infinity contract though:

New industries and innovations are always prone to mishaps:

That doesn’t mean that you should give up trying.

A tutorial in Offshore Wind Farm construction:

Informative, if you have the time to watch the entire documentary.

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Both China and Japan are major market for Offshore Wind Farm technology.
Japan especially for future floating wind turbines:

Not only OWFs the US have political problems:

PS> If OWFs done make a profit, why a “windfall tax”?

EEW Group:

HLV Sun Shine:

Video showing the construction process of Hywind Tampen floating wind turbines:

Now in operation, supplying power to nearby oil & gas production platforms