Offshore Wind Farms


What a great Idea - turbines in water pipes to create clean energy.


Arnie is weighing in on Trump…


The Euro contractors are reaching out globally…



Well here in California now it is almost impossible to put up a single turbine. My neighbor wanted to supply his electricity at his winery using one. That started seven years ago. It would work 27% of the time. WACKO neighbors(NIMBY, Bird Killer) sued him and the County. He could have quit but didn’t, he is ornery. He has had to pay their attorneys on top of everything else and file an Environmental Impact Report ($350,000).

Then there is “Why I changed my mind about nuclear power | Michael Shellenberger”


Offshore instalqtions are of course much less effective in terms of resources needed to operate them. When you want to service a land based unit, you just put your tools in the truck and drive to the location and walk up the steps.

To do the same onshore you need a specailist boat costing upwards of a £1m. It needs a crew of three, all qualified, It needs certification, LSA, it guzzels fuel compared to 40mpg for a small truck. All this costs a lot more against the price of the power produced.

You may get better wind offshore, but i do wonder if it really is that much better?


You mean all those companies that invests $$$ Bn. on offshore wind farms around the world do not know what they are doing??


Do you know the difference between arguing with you and mud wrestling with a pig?


No, but I’d like to know.


Island Offshore has taken delivery of a new vessel that is suitable for both the offshore wind and oil & gas industries:

Flexible and versatile vessel design that could be suitable for service in the future floating wind farms off California, or as Accommodation/maintenance vessel in the GoM.


Dutchies to the rescue to help US Offshore Wind Farm projects get underway without breaking the Jones Act restrictions:


No. No feeders that leave all the construction work to Europeans. Build all wind installation vessels in the US with US flag and US Mariners, or do not allow any offshore wind projects to be built.

If European companies want to be in on the US wind market, they need to set up US subsidiaries with US flag ships —- like Maersk has done to enter the Jones Act container trade.


Doesn’t the Jones Act say that the Owner(s) has to be US citizens as well?? (At least a certain %)

I suppose that someone could be found, who would gladly lend their name to any foreign company that need a person with the right citizenship to appear in the paperwork? (For a “small consideration” of course)
Any takers please furnish your name, social security number and bank account.

BTW; Is Maersk operating in the Jones Act container trade?? I thought they were staying clear of the Jones Act market for good reasons.


Well Maersk is in the US flag and government cargo trades. I’m not sure about Jones Act.

Easy enough to start a US company that is a US citizen. Since most large companies are publicly traded it’s easy enough to list on a US stock exchange have more than enough US shareholders. Plenty of European / US dual nationals in the Shipping business in the US.

KIR has no trouble finding Norwegian-Americans to be his frontmen in the US. That certainly paid off for guys like Bernt. No shortage of Dutch-American dual nationals either.


Why only dual European/US citizen, or Americans with a resent European lineage for that matter?
Could an African-American, or a Cherokee do??

Seriously, if someone offered you say USD 100K/yr to be a “Director” of a US company and all you had to do was sign on the dotted line once a year, would you refuse?


Why do you ask Americans for their opinions? It is a pure problem of the European Headquarters.

The days of “On-Paper Directors or Presidents” are gone; you can no longer insulate the foreign HQs from local wrongdoing. Also, today, local Directors and Presidents have non-delegable legal duties.

Corporate responsibility makes the foreign HQs responsible, if they placed the wrong persons at the local top.

At least for the serious companies…


Why are you asking us? Ask the European companies that put dual citizens or recent immigrants from the company’s home country in the position why they won’t hire regular Americans.


Don’t they?? Here is the Board of Directors in Maersk Line Ltd.:

Who are classified as “regular Americans” in your humble opinion??


If anybody still think that offshore wind is a minor business not interesting to mariners, think again.
Here is the latest news; a cable layer designed by Skipsteknisk to be built at Ulstein for the French Nexans:

With a capacity to carry 10000 m.t. of cables on deck, she will be the biggest and most sophistcated in the business, so far.


A new type of motion compensated crane specially designed for the offshore wind farm industry has passed FAT:

It has also won a price for innovation:

The first one will be installed on this vessel under construction for a new entrant into the SOV market: