Offshore Wind Farms


Rotterdam (and Holland) aim to be carbon neutral.


Maybe starting to get traction in NA:


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With Ombugge, you have to learn to sort the wheat from the chafe.

He is a very knowledgeable, interesting, and informative Mariner. Appreciate that.

But when it comes to politics, he’s a “Jesper Berg” with his head stuck somewhere without any sunlight. His favorite sport is twisting American tails. It does get very irksome, but try to ignore that.


I’m all good - been sparing with that guy for a bit and understand what his MO is. I’ve read his various articles that he floods this forum with and etc. but they are always laced with opinion and trolling so I haven’t really engaged for a while but this? Just gave in to a juvenile impulse to tell an old gas bag to stfu. Felt good! It’s my anger management tool sometimes since it’s harmless (as is Ombugge).


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You could spend your time more productively. Learning something about Offshore Wind farms would be a good start.


Maybe starting here:

Yes Europe IS doing something to eliminate coal burning and even nuclear power plants.
BTW; Germany also have coal in the ground for many more years of consumption.

Then continue by reading about the prospects offshore USA:

While some would rather spend money on killing the renewable industry in it’s infancy:

More money to keep the coal industry alive?:


Taiwan is getting in on the act with European technology and equipment initially:


While China is developing their own technology and vessels:


Does anyone have a handle on the cost of a floating platform capable of supporting an 8 MW turbine? Seaways engineering can produce a semisubmersible scaleable to that and beyond for about $12 million built in the UK for that. Far less if built in Asia.


And while we are at it; Will the wind and solar industries be able to buy enough GOP Congressmen to get the support they need??:


Here in the UK (South East coast) we have loads of them sprouting up.

Part of the reason is government commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and a political desire to move away from imported coal and gas. That is a political decision on which the rights and wrongs can be argued all day.

Another component is the very high population density we have here. Together with an instant local objection group whenever someone suggests building a land based instalation. In terms of jobs, some of our smaller harbours have found a new lease of life through the service boats. It seems we have a lot of them. Even after the farm has been built and comissioned. the units still need regular maintenance.

In terms of navigation, they are not a problem to small sailing craft, small fishing boats… But some navigation authorities prohibit any navigation in the instillation. Others allow free navigation once all construction has been compleeted.

What does concern me is safety. Like it or lump it, transfering from a small craft to a wind turbine at sea is a dangerous operation. Even with the best skill ans safety kit, there will be fatalities. Fatalities that can’t happen with land based instalations. I don’t think that a view of a bit of landscape is worth a life.


Amplemann, together with mature DP systems, have made offshore maintenance viable.

Meanwhile the turbines get bigger


Now also available for smaller crew transfer boats:

No more using “swing ropes” to get on/off a heaving boat.