Offshore Wind Farm vessels

The SOV BIBBY WAVEMASTER HORIZON moored in Emden Photo : Ian Betteridge ©

A windfarm SOV called WInd of Hope was detained after failing port state control in the UK in August:

mv ROTRA VENTE spotted upon arrival Hull for a regular port call! During discharge operations:

Photo: Iain Ritchie

From today:
FYI: this has nothing to do with Green Yard Kleven or the Kleven family in Ulstein. Maren Kleven Fox and Magnus Kleven are the children of the leader and majority owner of Bunker Oil, Jan Magnus Kleven.

Here is the people behind the new Norwind company:

From left:Maren Kleven Fox, Magnus Kleven, Sverre Olav Farstad, Jon Ketil Gjørtz, Sverre Andreas Farstad, Svein Leon Aure, Espen Volstad and Eivind Volstad PHOTO: TORBJØRN SANDBAKK

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In the past SOVs were mostly only built when they they had a contract already lined up in advance with a specific charter.

Recently we have seen Rem Offshre and now Norwind order some SOVs speculatively with no specific charterer lined up.

I guess they are looking at all the planned offshore windfarms that will need an SOV and are gambling that charterers will hire their boats because they are already in the process of building them.

Wind farm jackets passing the main drag at Broughty Ferry en route to Dundee
Photo: Eric Coull ©

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The ROTRA MARE arrived in Delfzijl where she will be rebuilt by Royal Niestern Sander and Holland Shipyards Group for the transport of the next generation wind turbine.

If you have the time and interest, here is a long video from the WFIV Wind Osprey (ex Pacific Osprey), working on the Dan-Tysk Wind Farm off Sylt:

The CSV Rem Offshore has been delivered from Green Yard Kleven and was named in her home port of Fosnavåg today. (From

Godmother Birthe Marie Remøy (15) with father Jørn Remøy.

Godmother Birthe Marie Remøy (15) with champagne bottle

  • Type: Havyard 833 CSV
  • Construction Service Vessel
  • Length: 89.7 m
  • Extended: 19.6 m
  • Equip with three cranes
  • Furnished for 99 people
  • W2W - walk to work walkway, for extra safety
  • Preliminary offer for zero-emission operation with fuel cells and battery pack of 12,000 kWh


One more newbuilt SOV.
This time built in Vietnam for operation in Taiwan:

CSOV Rem Energy was delivered from Green Yard Kleven today.
Ahead of schedule and now on her way to Bremerhaven to enter into a long charter with Siemens Gemseas
From today:

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Looks a very nice vessel. It has the SMST gangway that can be used on the port or starboard side, much better than the gangways that only be used on one side.

It is bizarre when you see SOVs being built for exposed parts of the North Sea that have gangways that can only be used on one side. For harsh weather both sides is far better.

Q; “What is your cargo”?
A; “Electricity”

A battery-powered Wind Farm Service Operation Vessel (SOV) receiving electrical power, generated by a wind farm, and transferred by a Bluewater E-buoy. During charging, the vessel is moored to the buoy and power consumption by thrusters is minimized. This concept can assist wind farm operators to meet their Net Zero Carbon targets while ensuring the uptime of their wind farms.

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One more SWATH type CTV for Offshore Windservice A/S:

The VIKING NEPTUNE inbound for Rotterdam Photo : Willem Holtkamp (c)

More acquisitions in the Offshore Wind Farm vessel field:

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