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The OSV market in Asia is still pressed, with several hundred new boats still at the yards and in layup:

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We can all talk about the sectors that are over supplied (Drilling and OSV), but what everyone should focus on, is the next boom. The next overbuilding boom will be in the LNG market. We also have a signinficant boom, but not overbuilding in the FPSO and FLNG markets.
I know this, because I do and you should listen.

DOF has secured contract for one of their older PSVs in Australia:

So far this year they have secured contracts for work in Guyana, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Malaysia, UK, Norway, New Zealand and now in Australia.

Not bad for a company from a small island in Norway that was originally started by a few fishing boat owners in 1981:’s-History

The last of 6 “Starfish”-type AHTS has been delivered to Maersk Supply from Kleven Shipyard.
These 95 m. long vessels has a lot of innovative design details. Among them is a anti-roll tank above the wheelhouse, which give a greater effect with less water than conventionally placed anti-roll tanks.
Here is a video from Sysla today. Although spoken in Norwegian I believe the pictures will tell some of the story:

In case you cannot open the article, here is a link to the video: