Offshore Deepwater LNG Ports

Does anyone have an insiders view of what’s going on with the Deepwater LNG ports of Boston and Tampa or any others?

From what I hear/see they’re mothballed for the most part, but technically still active. The natural gas situation in northern New England sucks and those ports would only help if there were about a half dozen jones act lng’s capable of re-gassing there. But the bigger issue is really pipeline capacity and interconnection to the rest of the country, and the NIMBY’s who want cheap gas but won’t let spectra expand their pipelines. Big electrical rate hikes on account of gas this year in MA.

I don’t think excelerate ever got the ball rolling with Tampa though?

The gateway endeavor still stands by at the offshore bouy on cape cod bay, and from what I have been told it could be use at any time. However as z drive said there needs to be more pipeline capacity and coastwise capable LNG’s.

It kills me trying to reason some of the NIMBY enviro asshats. Instead of having cheaper, more efficient and much cleaner burning natural has readily available. They would rather continue to heat their homes with freakin black oil, or hideously inefficient electricity heat.

I have a few friends who work for the gas companies or their affiliates but the executives at those places are very sensitive about what gets said and to who. Bottom line is no commercial activity, anything you may see is just maintenance or for complying with regulations to keep their permits active.

Both ports are “active” but for an analogy to tugboats you would have to “get it off shore power, blow down the mains and pre lube” before gas flowing.