Officer Endorsements for MODUs

I am trying to figure out this CFR. It describes (poorly) what the endorsement is good for but not how to get it.

46CFR 11.468

Anyone have any idea if this is useful and how to get it?

Probably like everything else regardless of how the rules are written they are subject to interpretation by your evaluator. The all knowing c.captain is a sharp fella he could probably explain it better than the people at the NMC.

The problem is the rules aren’t written. It says nothing about what it takes to get that endorsement.

Does anyone know if this rating is needed at all or how to get it?

You need to keep reading---- the sections following 11.468 such as sections 11.470 and 11.472 etc, give the requirements for OIM, Barge Supervisor, BCO etc.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;62325]The all knowing c.captain is a sharp fella he could probably explain it better than the people at the NMC.[/QUOTE]

I don’t know about the all knowing part but I believe that those licenses are left over from the days when MODUs were either bottom bearing or anchored and thus did not have any marine hands on them as per their unique function and design. Since most DP MODUs have safe manning certificates that require personnel with marine licenses, the need for persons with these MODU only licenses are becoming less required although I know some rigs which still have both a barge engineer and a chiefmate. I would still say thay most DP rig operators want just the one person to fill all roles which is why there is a huge demand for a man who is a licensed chief engineer who is willing to be an RMS. Kind of like the master/OIM combined into one position. Not mine tho, I don’t want to be the OIM and am willing to take less pay as a result even tho the letter designating person in charge names me specifically.

Oh well, just hope the rig doesn’t go boom one night.

Amen to that!!!

Ah, good point. I thought 11.468 was referring to some rating other than OIM, BCO, or barge supervisor. As in a generic MODU endorsement, kind of like a towing endorsement. Thanks for clarifying that. (I was surprised I never read about an MODU endorsement on here…)

it seems that your a modu master. i am barge captain trainee could you help me to improve my knowledge ?