MODU endorsement

I thought that if you have an unlimited license, that all that was needed for modu licenses was seatime. I submitted the 90 days for Barge Supervisor and was approved pending three (3) exams. Anyone else been through this?

or attend a class and submit certificate. looks like more modules.

The only time you do not have to test is if you hold an Unlimited Master’s license and you are applying for OIM. If you are a Chief Mate applying for OIM you have to test. I had to test for barge supervisor. Believe me it is just a formality. They should pass out crayons to take the test with. I did nt study much at all for the test or you can go sit at Martin International for a week and turn in the certificate.

I just went through this last month. You will need 84 days as a Barge Supervisor Trainee, an approved MODU Stability course, Approved Survival Suit Training, and either test at USCG or attend and complete an approved course for the endorsement. I suggest Martin International for both the MODU Stability and the Barge Supervisor course.

I was caught offguard. I was expecting 4 modules for the RIG to 2M, and planning 2 days at the rec. The approval letter shows up with 7 modules required. I went to lapware and there are no prep exams for modules 901, 902, 911, 912. I dont think it is worth another week at martin. 220 questions, i have to get 154 right… and be done with it. I looked at but it seems to be all grouped together and i dont want to be working in the wrong direction. thanks for your insight.

Captain Joe’s has a small MODU section on is disc. It is enough to pass the test. You may be able to wing it without even studying. You can get Joe’s disc at