Offering congratulations for soon to be "Senator" Mark Kelly

while this in no way whatsoever changes any of my opinions concerning the USMMA, I believe it is more than appropriate to offer the man all due honors and congratulations for a life filled with many achievements including now winning John McCain’s old Senate seat from Arizona and certainly becoming KP’s most famous alum in its history.

I fully expect him to get a seat on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and very much hope he becomes a new voice in Washington calling for a rebirth of the US Merchant fleet and for those Americans who go to sea.

I hope all here will join me to extend our heartfelt wishes to him for a very successful future career as a U.S. Senator.


While I hold similar hopes the fact remains he will be representing a land locked state and the majority of his constituents may not care much about the maritime industry.

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A good point Seadog… Although I think between he and his twin that attended attended Throggs Neck will some how remember their roots in their future duties… USCG REC headquarters are also landlocked in West Va.

His land-locked senate predecessor had absolutely no qualms about getting neck-deep in maritime affairs. Affairs which he had zero business being involved in, btw. But I’m sure the cash helped.

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These were my thoughts, along with a belief that just because he went to USMMA doesn’t mean he really cares about the state of the merchant fleet… after all, most of his time was spent in the skies.


West Virginia maybe landlocked but it is not without navigable waterways.

let us not presume anything one way or the other what positions or even level of care he brings to the Senate. It is too soon to tell but as I stated, it is my hope that having been a licensed merchant marine officer at one time who got his original training on merchant ships he remembers what they are and that they play a critical role in the US maintaining a level of defense readiness and that us US citizen mariners are vitally important as well. It is quite possible this is the first time anyone who ever held a merchant marine officer’s license has ever even been a senator?

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True. Don’t get me wrong - I hope I am wrong…

Old Chinese saying; “Two Wrongs doesn’t make a Right” :laughing:

He did speak at a recent graduation at USMMA. He has not forgotten where he came from. As Ccaptain stated, his constituents may have other interests. If something comes up maritime related he can vote on in a positive manner, I think he will act accordingly, more so than the person he beat out for the job.


Or John McCain.

They say never to speak bad of the dead so… good for him.

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we can well be assured that Kelly will become the biggest champion for increased NASA spending and likely more for the Navy so if Merchant Marine becomes a cause, I very much doubt it will be anything he spends any serious political capital on. Remember too, then when his wife (Gabriel Giffords) was shot and forever disabled, he has been a very vocal proponent of gun control which I know he will continue to make a cause celeb of his as a senator.

I think Mark will be a fine senator. He’s a principled man, very smart and has no problem speaking his mind. But, he’ll be a junior senator and not very influential for a few years. I have no doubt he will protect US mariners when the occasion arises.

Let’s not jump the gun here, fellas. Until he does some meaningful work for the USMM, he’s nothing but another politician.

Not saying I don’t like the guy or think he’s a bad person. He’s very accomplished, very smart, and about to be very wealthy. Congrats on his election, I however am keeping my hopes pretty low.

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And help get that space program on track to the Moon and Mars.