USMMA OpEd from Female Alum

I found this great op-ed published today. I think they overreacted big time, and so do the ladies sailing on license after graduation.

Well said but she graduated in 2013 and is already working in a shoreside position. So, just how long did she sail?

I know that my statement has nothing to do with the problem with “their sea term” but it does show how long some of these kids spend at sea after spending 4 years to earn that license but no one can defend those that seem to sail for a very short period before coming ashore and never sail again.

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The first two sentences is why KP needs to be shut down. KP is a Merchant Mariner school. If you don’t plan to sail you shouldn’t get a free ride.

Edit: I forgot to put the “don’t” in there.

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Cat and Tugs, I definitely don’t disagree with your statements. There’s far too many of them that don’t bother sailing on the license that we all payed for. I also didn’t notice that she’s no longer sailing, even though she only just finished school. But, I still have to say she wrote a pretty good price on the subject.

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She’s apparently overhauling submarines at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, if that makes you feel better.