Off campus living

Hello everyone, I just received my acceptance letter to texas maritime for the spring of 15’.my question is where are some good places to live off campus. I am a 6 year veteran from the navy also married so I was told I would be in victor company. I am currently looking to move to league city but do not know how the area is. Can anyone please help on this subject . I just want to make sure I don’t move my family I. The middle of the ghetto lol


Congratulations, btw!

Wen I first arrived here, I thought living off the island of Galveston might be an ok idea. After being here for a while though, I am so glad I don’t. For example, I am writing this at home right now during a three hour gap between classes and the Corps Activity this afternoon. Living too far away, you, in this situation would have to hang around campus, which I have found isn’t always the most optimal study environment (there is NOTHING else to do at school) if you haven’t got a room to go to. Also, I have a few friends who started out living in League City/ Kemah/ Pasadena but who, after making that drive both ways for a few weeks, ended up on the island.

You’ll be very surprised by how much time you’ll be spending on-campus. Study groups, Corps activity, maintenance, labs, (and the infrequent formation for Victor) on top of classes add up to a lot of trips to and from each week. Give it some thought. There is a guy who comes down here from Katy everyday so I guess it’s possible, just not what I’d recommend.

Galveston is cheap. There are some regions where I’d rather not live but by and large, nowhere is thaaaat bad. We live on the cusp of the ghetto around the middle of the island but we have never had any problems. There is plenty to do in town on the Seawall or the Strand, the two entertainment centers. You’d have to talk to some parents of you want to know about the schools around here… I have heard some grumbling about that. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

There are plenty of locations on the island that would not be considered ghetto. The west end for starters. Once you get on the island you will quickly realize the good parts and bad parts. Overall it’s a good place to live. There’s lot of things to do and close proximity to the campus is a huge plus. It’s no lie that you’ll be sitting around between classes a lot hunting a quiet place to study, if you have no home to go back to close by. I’ve lived on the island since 05 and am a graduate of the school. Check with sand and sea real estate and rentals as a start to you find a place. You could also consider bayou vista and omega bay. Close communities just on the other side of the causeway. After getting stuck behind the pelican island bridge once or twice five minutes before class starts, you’ll learn that living close is a huge blessing. Good luck.

I worked on Pelican Island for a lot of years, or at least officed there when I ran the ABS office. That bridge can be a real pain in the ass. . . . .

The bridge is under construction now which hopefully should relieve some of the hold up issues they’ve had in the past. It’s still gonna be a pain in the ass though. Look into the west end or maybe even bayou vista or omega bay. There are lots of areas on the island that isn’t ghetto. As you spend time there, you’ll learn it well. It’s a pretty decent place to live. I’ve been there since 2005. When you have hours between classes, you’ll appreciate a close by home.

Is there any apartment complexs that you would advise to get?? I have been looking into Stewart’s landing. ( have you heard of them?) but I have really only on Craigslist searching.

I’ve heard of that complex but not familiar really with them. The area around Walmart though isn’t the greatest for living. There’s several upstairs apartments in the strand area for rent. Most of my friends lived in that area. Close to school and close to after school fun. There’s lots of houses for rent on the island too. I’d look into that also before an apartment complex