Galveston: what do you think?

so ive made the decision to attend TMA and i am moving down to galveston this summer. Hows living in galveston, im going to be living off campus as a vet and all ive been hearing is people bad mouthing galveston. Is it really as cracked out and getto as people make it seem? Hows the liveability around the island and the quality of life there? Is the crime rate so bad? Any opinions will be appreciated, i am very curious about the area and the pictures ive seen make it seem nice, i mainly want to understand why people rag on it so much. Good looking out guys,

do it because if you are single Galveston has a great beach filled on summer weekends with the finest babes Houston and surrounds has to offer all hoping to be drunk and laid…

it’s also got the ELISSA and a WWII destroyer escort too

I lived in Galveston for several years. Its definitely got some bad areas and there are certain sections of town you wouldn’t want to live in. You would probably want to live on the east side so your closer to school. Plenty of affordable/safe places around UTMB. When I left there were some nice new lofts going up around the strand, which would put you in a good spot for night life. Summers are hot and humid but there is always a nice breeze and the beach offers a reprieve as well. Lots of bums winter on the island and there are several ghettos on the island. It can feel a bit like Nola in that way. From street to street income and property levels can be drastically different. Lots of cool little bars. OCB (Old Cellar Bar) was my favorite spot.

I worked in Galveston for many years, running the ABS office there, although I lived off of the island. I also have lived in South Florida. Galveston is a poor substitute. . . . Oh, yes, a WWII destroyer escort and a sub. Both buried in the dirt on Pelican Island. . . . To be honest, I am not a big fan of Galveston and only go there for work. But I am well beyond the age of cruising for the beach for teen babes. Well, at least without ending up in a squad car. . . .

I’ve lived on the island since 05. The island is what you make it. Yes it has rough spots but there’s lots of great things there too. Tons of fun bars and restaurants with good food. Events all year long. Relatively inexpensive. I travel the island and feel safe. I do avoid certain areas to keep that feeling but that’s only a small portion. Plenty of beautiful women down there. Just pick a warm sunny day, sit at the top section of a Seawall bar, and watch them walk by all day. Best of luck to you

Nothing wrong with Galveston, and can be quite fun. Many hole in the wall restaurants with great food, the strand has some interesting and historic stores, and as others have said, there are many cool bars around the island. It sure isn’t Cape Cod if that’s what you’re looking for, but it definitely has the ability to grow on you. Some good festivals on the strand throughout the year that are fun as well.

If you’re really feeling adventures, theres a classy strip joint called whispers there too.

I attended A&M maritime, Galveston isn’t that bad, there are worse places to go to school. I had the same questions and concerns prior to starting school there. Some people like the island, some do not but It’s only a temporary stepping stone. Put your head down get through all the BS with the school, graduate and live wherever you want.