Odyssea Marine

Does anyone know anything about Odyssea Marine or North Bank Towing and OSV out of Berwick, La.? I’m planning a trip to the gulf coast next week and I’m just trying to compile a list of doors to knock on to try to find a job. Any help is appreciated!

Don’t know if you already went there. But I never heard anything bad about Odyssea. They picked up some newer boats. They bought out AMT Marine (Mini Supply boats) and also Lytal Marine (also mini’s). <br><br>Now about the towing side, I have always heard the towing side of their company was one of the higher paying. If I am not mistaken, they built a new tug or two.<br><br>Good luck…

I have a friend who works for North Bank, their office is in Berwick. Oddysea’s office is in Larose on Hwy 1. My friend doesn’t complain, then he’s not a whiner either.