Ocean Patriot fire

Just heard the ocean patriot is on fire with 42 POB, any one got any more details?

I heard USCG New Orleans give the Pan Pan
Position 28 13 090 23

We are on the Ocean Alliance and heard about it from a mate on the Atwood Condor. It’s one of our fleet ships from Oceaneering. The last USCG transmission was that the fire was contained and they are awaiting a tow along with another vessel to take non essential people off. This is all we know so far. Tried calling them but the line was busy. Prolly on emergency generator.

[QUOTE=DSV Captain;125328]I heard USCG New Orleans give the Pan Pan
Position 28 13 090 23[/QUOTE]

On location now. Fire is contained within the auxiliary machinery space, CO2 deployed and Ocean Patriot is waiting on two tugs en route to tow them into Fourchon with Eta of about 0700 +/-. Last call was all non-essential personnel have been evacuated and the remainder of the crew are safe on board.

Ocean Patriot has been towed back to Port Fourchon. The investigation begins

I am glad everyone is ok!!

Is this the same Ocean Patriot which was in Vietnam / Philippines earlier this year, worked with this rig there, glad to hear that everyone is OK.