Deepwater Horizon - Transocean Oil Rig Fire

The Deepwater Horizon is on fire and the flames are 200’ tall. All personnel have abandon ship.

Holy Cow. Where is it? Where are you? How did you hear about it?

Yeah, one of our boats working for BP is heading out there to pump water on it.

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[B]8 Critically Injured In Oil Rig Explosion[/B]

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser confirms that an explosion has occurred at a Trans-Ocean Atlantic Oil Rig off the coast of Venice. The rig named “Deep Water Horizon” is still on fire and the U.S. Coast Guard is on the scene pulling workers off the platform and out of the water surrounding the rig. 8 workers have been critically injured in the blast and are now being airlifted to a local hospital. 120 people were on board at the time of the explosion.

Thats from and its the most I’ve heard so far. Anyone that knows or hears anything keep us posted.

We are 10 miles away, but we are stuck on an anchor and ccan not assist. This happened @ 2145. Ten minutes after the mayday, they abandoned ship and the flames were at least 200’ tall. It’s still raging and it’s 0130 in the morning now. I called Transocean when it happened and they were not aware, but the Coast Guard just called them, I updated them. So, I gave them my assessment. Several vessels are conducting search patterns at this time. The head count on the rig was reported to be 129, but there has not been a hard count on the radio. We are going to the location within the hour.


Any one else with information on the Deepwater Horizon it would be so greatly appreciated…we have loved ones on board.

That picture is taken from 10 miles away?!

There are no reports of people in the water at this time. I’m sorry if you know someone there. Hopefully, all personnel have been saved. It seemed like the decision to abandon was made very fast. I could tell that professionals were in charge and I’m sure that fact saved many. The Coast Guard is coordinating with Nakika and triaging the serious injured and staging some there. A rescue swimmer was put down on a supply boat and is in charge of injured personnel. 3 people are going to West Jefferson Hospital from what I’ve heard. I heard of one having a broken femur and in and out of consciousness.

yes… 70 mm zoom

we are about 30 miles from there and can see the flames from here…praying that all have been accounted for…

I work for local EMS agency in New Orleans metro area. They have ambulances staged at various locations awaiting possible patients being tranported from Plaqumines Parish. I know that there were supposedly 8 critically injured…if they are being flown in they will probably be brought to West Jeff, Ochsner Main Campus on Jefferson Hwy and East Jefferson General because they all have heliports. And I think there may be one downtown near University Hospital…If I find out anything else I’ll post again.

I am on the Q4000 working for newfield in M/C 506, the Horizon is in M/C 252, they are about 35 miles northeast of our rig and its 513am and we can still see the “FLAMES” not just the glow. Our boat attached to us took off to assist the horizon but we havent gotten much word. they are working for BP right now and so far the news reports are the most precise on the accident. now as far as if it was the well that came in on them or a bop failure or whatever is not known yet. keep all them boys in your prayers.

One of my best friends is Chief Mate. Not sure if he was on the rig.

Wow. This is really sad news.

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My boyfirend works on a different Transocean oil drilling rig. He called me this morning to tell me about the fire on the Horizon. He has friends on that rig. My thoughts and prayers are with the crew members, friends and family. Very scary situation.

I have friends on there as well, hoping and praying for the best

Apparently all are accounted for according to the designate ship on scene.

is fire still raging? i do hope they got everyone.