Anyone hear anything about the Candy stripe?

I’m a captain on the Sage Lab and earlier today around 12:30ish a.m I heard the coast guard talking to the Candy stripe on 16…We are running out of Venice so I couldn’t hear the vessel,But I could hear the coast guard…They put out a distress call for them.Apparently they were on fire and about to sink 5miles south of BellePass.I could have overheard wrong so I was just curious if any of you guys out of Fourchon heard anything.

Didn’t hear anything but I saw her being towed into Slip B by another Candy boat with the CG following. Later, a push boat took her back out.

Never heard anything about it

Yes, she did have an onboard fire and you did hear right,

Skimmed the news, nothing on there. Hope it wasn’t bad.